General Options

Click on Traveler Setting > General Options

Enable normal user admin bar


TURN ON to enable, turn OFF to disable wpadminbar when login without administrator permission.

Disable Theme Service: Some websites don’t use all service for a trip provided by default theme such as car service, so you can disable them in this option.

Navigate to Traveler Setting > General Options

2. Logo Options



Navigate to Traveler Setting > Logo Options 

Logo Options – Manage a regular, retina, mobile logo and a favicon.


  • Logo – Upload image to change the Logo, you should use rectangle image with size 110 x 40
  • Favicon – Regular, Apple iPhone and iPad favicon options.

3. 404 Options

Click on Traveler Setting > 404 Options

Layout: there are 2 layouts for 404 page.

404 text: Enter the notify that you want send to clients on 404 page.

404 background: Upload image to set 404 page

4. SEO Options

Click on Traveler Setting > General Options

SEO Options: TURN ON this option if you want to use SEO feature

SEO Title : Enter site Title for SEO

SEO Description: Enter some description about your site

SEO Keywords: Enter SEO keyword.