Hotel Option

1. Availability Check

Allows you to search hotel with our without check hotel availability. Turn it ON meaning Do not check availability in search results.

2. Distance to Nearby hotels

Calculate the distance from the current hotel to the hotels in the area. It is using with Kilometer unit.

3. Price is shown in listing page

Allows you to choose display price by AVG price or Min Price in listing page like page result, single hotel

  • AVG Price : includes 2 option
    • avg price inputted from keyboard
    • avg price automatically calculated from price of rooms belong to this hotel
  • Min Price: show price of a room have min price in all room belong to this hotel

4. Show Hotel Stars or Hotel Reviews

Hotel star: Show hotel stars on elements of hotel list
Hotel review: Show the number of review stars on elements of hotel list

5.Hotel search result page

Select page to show hotel results search page. You can create the page function here.


Select the number of post show on Page Hotel search result.

7.Max Adults/Child 

Select max adults and children for search field.

8. Enable Review

ON: Users can review for hotel – OFF: User can not review for hotel.

Review criteria: You can also create other evaluation criteria for your hotel by clicking button Add new or red trash icon on the right top of each option.
After making these changes, On the Front-end you’ll see these reviews.

Show featured items on top of default result search page

Select Hotel attribute to display in search form.

11. Type filter Option Attribute

Filter search result with And/Or method.

12. Map marker icon:

You can change the map marker icon by image