Page Option

Setting Page on Theme Option

Page Function is one of  important data, it companions with Booking Function and some feature on your site.
If you want to reduce the number of page, you have to notify some page function below and never delete it if you are using default theme feature.

  • My account dashboard page:  Setup page as dashboard page – template: User Dashboard
  • Redirect to after login: Setup page to show after user logs in
  • Redirect to after logout: Setup page to show after user logs out.
  • User login: Setup user login page. – template: Login Normal
  • User Register: Setup Register page. – template: Register Form
  • Reset Passwords: Setup Reset password page – template: Reset Password
  • Checkout Page Setup checkout page. – template: Checkout
  • Payment Success Page Setup page shown for user’s successful payment confirmation. – template: Payment Success
  • Order Confirm Page Setup page shown to confirm user’s order. – template: Confirm Order
  • Terms and Conditions Page Setup terms and conditions page.

NOTE: All pages should be created before being selected in Page Options. To create Pages: Dashboard > Pages> Add New



Create the function Pages

To create these pages above, you just need Click on Page > Add new, then select the corresponding template you want