Search Option

Kindly be noted that Search Option is applied for Classic Layout(Demo) only

Select default search result layout

Navigate to Dash board > Traveler Settings > Search Option

The Layout of search default page(the search template on PHP code). If you don’t select any layout for search result service, it will take this the default template.

Build Search form on Banner

To add search tab on home page, navigate to Traveler Settings > Search Option > Search Tab

  • Item 1 – Add New to create new tab.
  • Item 2 – Title: Enter meta-box title
  • Item 3 – Show tab: Turn ON or turn OFF tab
  • Item 4 – Icon: Set up an icon which appear in front of tab title
  • Item 5 – Form Title: Enter Tab title
  • Item 6 – Choose Tab: select Car type for this service
  • Item 7 – Use HTML below: you can add a short-code to display other element instead of displaying search form (Eg. this shortcode [st_activity_nearby] showing off a tour list nearby).

Search All services on site

From version 1.3.0, we have new options allow your clients can search all services on your site.

  1. Select page display search results for all services: You can build Page search the Result for this content on Page as same as other services, then select the Style you want on this box.
  2. Custom search form for all services: This option allow you to build form search for All service.
  • Title: Enter the title of search form
  • Field Type: there are 2 types of search form: Address and Post type
  • Placeholder: Enter the text that you want to show as Place holder on field
  • Layout: select size of field
  • Field required: TURN ON this options if you want it is required.

Header Search

Allow Header Search

This is Search form on the top of the page. There are some options to customize Header search as following:

  • Header Search Order By: Choose the way results are arranged (by name / id / date / author / random)
  • Header Search – Order: Arrange results descendingly or ascendingly
  • Header Search – Search by: Choose searching area (search in Post/ Pages/ Media/ Product/ Rental/ Hotel/ Car/ Tour..).

Custom Search form

If you don’t want to use the black form with white text you can use the CSS code below to change style for search form:

/*Change the color of text + border of Search form*/
.main-header-search .form-control{ 
   border-color: #801410;
   color: #e4e04a;
/*Change the background of search form*/
.form-group.form-group-icon-left .form-control{ background: #6dab3c;}
/*Change the color of search icon  */
.main-header-search .input-icon{ background: #e4e04a; }

Add this code into the Custom CSS code option on Theme Options > Styling Options > Custom CSS.