Styling General Option

Layout Select the Theme Layout: Traveler theme supports 2 styles for Layout: Wide and Boxed

Body Background: Set up body background for layout on site, you can use color code; big image or overlay image. Your site will be more professional.

Main wrapper background: this option will be useful on the case using Boxed Style, the wrapper around layout will be blank, if you use some color and image will make your site more nicely.


Right to left: This option supports site that using Right to Left language such as Arabic, Hebrew,etc

Typography: Manage font families, size, weight, line heights, letter spacing, font color, header margins and link color for body and headers. Choose either standard fonts, Google fonts or add your own custom fonts.

Depends on the language on the site that you are using, you should select the typography for fonts. Some language can use default font(Open Sans.. )

Google fonts: Traveler allows users to choose from any of the 500+ Google Fonts, the Standard System Font.

Main color

Default color: Traveler allows you to select some default color as our demo, you can select it on list color or use own color.

Main Color: Pickup color on this color-table to select the main color for site

Stars color: Manage color of the stars on site, every star will be changed to other color if you select specific for Stars.

Default if you don’t select any color, the star will be used Main color.

Custom CSS code: Allows you to enter custom CSS code to make some custom changes in site.

On the screenshot, we add some CSS code for changing the text on Header.

If you are developer, this options is quite useful for you